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Do I need an appointment?

No. You can come anytime during normal business hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00

We will Consign or Buy Outright your items.

Will you accept everything I bring in?

When you bring your items in we will sort through them to determine what will sell at Phase 2 Consignments. Through experience, we have found that some items, no matter how wonderful they are, just do not appeal to our customers, so it does neither you nor us any good to consign them. Our selection is based on quality, condition, demand, style, season and our available floor space.

I'm having a Garage Sale. Can I bring in the items that don't sell when it's over?

 Most of our consignors have realized that they make more selling their items at Phase 2 Consignments BEFORE having a Garage Sale.

What percentage of the sale do I get?

For consignment the split is 50/50.

Who sets the prices?

Phase 2 Consignments will set all prices. If you have certain expectations for the price on a special item, please let us know when you bring it in so that we can discuss it with you. We set our prices so that items move quickly.

How long will my items be consigned?

The consignment period is for 60 days.

Do you mark the items down while they are there?

We do mark down items to ensure a timely sale when necessary.

When can I pick up my money from sales?

We do payouts on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. If you are in the area, just stop in and check your account. You can also use any money in your account as store credit. We do not do payouts on holidays and days the banks are closed. We also may not do payouts on the days of our sales.

Will you call me when an item sells?

We would love to be able to, but with the large volume of items moving through the store daily, we are just not able to call everyone with sales. You are welcome to call and check your balance at any time.

What happens to unsold items at the end of 60 days?

At the time of original drop-off you will be given a detailed printout of all the items we have accepted that day, along with your items expiration date. If you want to retrieve any unsold items, you must do so by your expiration date.  If you do not pick up your items any unsold, unclaimed items become the property of Phase 2 Consignments and may be disposed of at our discretion. We are very regular and timely in disposing of unclaimed goods. Retrieving consignors are solely responsible for locating and retrieving from the sales floor themselves all unsold items they wish to take back.

Do you have lay-a-way?

Unfortunately, we do not have a lay-a-way program at this time.

Do you accept returns?

No. All sales are final. If you make a purchase, please check your items carefully before leaving the store.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! A Phase 2 Consignment gift certificate is the perfect gift!

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