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We are so excited to be able to give you this option now!

Here's how it works:



When you bring your items in we will look through them while you wait. You will receive immediate payment for the items we accept. Your done with that batch in just a few minutes. It's quick, easy and a final transaction. There is no limit to the items you can bring in and no appointment is necessary. 


If you don't want to take our cash price you can choose to make more money on your items by consigning with us.




We love both Consignment and Buy Outright.

With Buy Outright you will make less money because we take the risk of the item not selling, but you have the benefit of receiving your money immediately rather than waiting for the item to sell.


In Consignment you share the risk that your merchandise will not sell. You must wait for your items to sell before collecting any money. If it doesn't sell, you make nothing.











The best way to make money in resale is to SHOP!

You will make money in both Consignment and Buy Outright. 

But for true savings....SHOP RESALE whenever you can. 

And remember, shopping at a locally owned, independent store keeps your money in your community!


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